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Cart Cover Fabrics

As the leading manufacturer of cart covers in the United States, we have developed a superior understanding of available cart cover fabrics and their recommended applications. The table below presents a summary of such fabrics as well as their main characteristics.

If we can be of assistance helping you choose the right fabric for your cart cover, please fill out our Online Service Form, or feel free to contact us.

Fabric Description Available Colors
200 Denier  
The Storms 200 Denier nylon is a consistent light weight fabric used mostly in low impact applications such as storage and non-transporting carts. This fabric is both economical and consistent
  Blue, White, Green, and Yellow
420 Denier  
The Storms 420 Denier high-tenacity nylon is the most commonly used fabric for Storms' cart covers. This medium weight fabric is easy to handle, provides excellent durability, and represents a great value all around
  White, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Black, Green, Yellow, Red, Burgundy, and others upon request
1000 Denier  
The Storms 1000 Denier cordura nylon is used for the highest impact applications such as linen transportation carts. This rugged, heavy fabric is similar to that used for luggage bags and back packs
  White, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Black, Green, Red, and others upon request
Vinyl   The Storms 13 ounce vinyl fabric is most commonly used for industrial applications. This flame-retardant, heavy weight fabric is easy to handle with excellent durability
  White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Gray, and Black
Staph Check   The staph check vinyl fabric is most commonly used in the medical field. This is an anti-bacterial, flame-retardant, OSHA-approved fabric. This medium weight fabric is easy to handle with good durability
  White, Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Green, and Mauve


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