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Filter Fabrics

Our filter bags are available in different fabrics according to their intended application. The main three fabrics available today are Felt, Mono-Filament, and Multi-Filament.

Felt Fabric

Storms' Felt Filter Bags are available in polypropylene (PO) and polyester (PE). These versatil felts are needle punch constructed to provide depth filtration. While permaneable, the density of felt fabrics allows for excellent dirt holding capacity at a low cost. Singed and glazed finishes are available to prevent fiber migration during the filtering process.

Common uses for this fabric include paint and coatings, ink, water, and adhesive type applications.

The table below presents a summary of micron ratings for the felt fabric.

Micron Rating
  1 5 10 15 25 50 75 100 150 200 250 300 400 600 800   Temp
Felt, Polyester (PE)
Felt, Polypropylene (PO)
Monofilament, Nylon (NMO)
Multifilament, Polyester (PEMU)


Storms' mono-filament filter bags are available in nylon (NMO), polypropylene (POMO), and polyester (PEMO). This single-filament woven mesh fabric is the most precise and costly material. Its strength, durability, and ability to re-use make the mono-filament fabric ideal for stringent filtering requirments.


Storms' multi-filament filter bags are available in polyester (PEMU). This commonly used mesh material is made up of many filament yarns twisted together. Storms' PEMU bags are characterized by their excellent large particle filtration capabilities and their low cost.


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