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Standard Soil Sling

Our standard soil slings are manufactured using high tenacity yarns for additional strength. Easy dumping is one of the main characteristics of this sling.

Soil slings are excellent for use in loading washers and washer extractors of all sizes.

Pant Sling

High tenacity yarns for strength and easy dumping are characteristics of this dual legged pant sling.

Pant slings are excellent for use in loading small door four-pocket washer extractors.

Ring Top Sling

Ring top slings are commonly found in tunnel washing and automated loading-type applications.

The ideal use for this sling is in automated type laundries where soil storing is needed.

Custom Made Sling

All of our soil slings can be modified for use in sling carts, including in our own Storms' sling cart, or in any other cart manufactured by other companies.

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